Autumn flowering bulbs

For a colourful fall


Blooming flowers already in autumn? Then plant colchicum or autumn crocus in August or early September. The bulbs are perfectly winter-hardy and will come back every year, the autumn crocus even in larger numbers.


Colchicum autumnale looks a bit like a giant crocus. It blooms in Autumn (hence its name) without foliage. The leaves appear in Spring, but die before the plant comes into bloom. Plant the bulbs of colchicums in
August, preferably in slightly damp and nutritious soil. The location can be sunny. The bulbs are planted 10-20 cm deep. They are best planted together, in groups of five to ten at a distance of 15-20 cm apart. The longer they are established, the more abundantly they bloom. They are completely hardy.

Autumn flowering crocuses (Crocus sativus / saffron crocus) are a lot smaller than colchicums but flower just as richly and are just as beautiful. Suitable for naturalising in sunny and warm places. Crocus sativus
has a strong preference for well-drained clay-limy soil with a high organic content.

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