Mechanical planting

Under turf

Mechanical planting of flower bulbs

Our special planting machine is ideal for planting large quantities of bulbs in existing grass, along roadsides, in lawns, roundabouts etc. By planting the bulbs with our machine you will achieve a major reduction in labour costs

The machine is a combination of planter and (mini) tractor. A large container holds the bulbs, whilst at the bottom two belts deliver the bulbs to the 'plant feet'.

Two vertical rotating knives open the turf just before the plant feet. The feet 'dive' into the grond and open up the torf, at which point the belts release the bulbs which fall into the soil and are then covered. The machine also puts the turf back in position, followed by a roller.

Embankment planting

Especially for sloping areas we offer a machine that can plant on banks with a maximum angle of 30 to 35 degrees. This machine is provided with catapillar tracks, and an additional plant foot so that a uniform effect can be achieved. 

Mechanical flowerbulb planting

Planting with a side planter

Planting with side planter

In order to plant closer to trees, re recently developed a side planter. This machine has a plant foot mounted on the side of the machine which enables us to plant between, or very close to, trees. 

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