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Location visit

Location visit

A visit by one of our JUB specialists to assess and map the site. This is followed by an action plan and possibly a soil survey. Based on the current or desired mowing policy at the location to be planted, a recommendation is made as to which species are suitable to be used in the mixture.

JUB Flowerdesigner

To bring your project to life, we can use a photo of the location with our JUB designer app to virtually plant the flower bulbs in your planting plan and make them bloom. With this app, we easily give you an impression of the many options for applications of flower bulbs in public green spaces, gardens or parks.


Flowerbulb Mixtures

Flower bulb mixtures provide months of colour. A mixture or planting plan tailored to the location is possible. We mix your selection of flower bulbs with a specially developed mixing machine.

Implementation of plant activities

Depending on the location and type of bulbs, we can plant by machine or by hand. With our planting machines, we can plant under existing turf in the hardest-to-reach places.



To preserve your flower bulbs and the experience, it is very important to maintain them properly.

Autumn and spring is the time to spread organic flower bulb fertiliser.
For naturalising bulbs, mowing can be started 6-8 weeks after the last flowering, with the exception of allium. This can be mowed immediately after flowering.

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