Naturalising bulbs

Let nature do her work

What are naturalising bulbs?

Naturalising bulbs (named 'Stinzen-bulbs' in Holland after the old name of large country houses and estates) is a collective name for a special group of Spring flowers which naturalise well. They are mainly bulbs, tubers or roots that have been native to the British Isles or were planted as long ago as the 16th century on large country estates, in castles gardens and country houses.

It's a great idea to visit those fairy-tale places from mid-February to mid-May and admire the large scale, or sometimes smaller scale, flower carpets in parklands, in meadows, orchards and at the foot of monumental tree avenues. Magical!

Take a look at our naturalising bulbs assortment

JUB Holland
JUB Holland

Naturalising bulbs are sustainable

Naturalising bulbs may be closely linked to history, but they are completely up-to-date and for many reasons a very sustainable and therefore modern choice. By planting naturalising bulbs you make an investment for years, maybe even centuries.

The bulbs will steadily expand by either bulblets or seeds, with minimal maintenance. In this respect they have the same characteristics as perenial plants. Most naturalising bulbs disappear after flowering and seed formation underground to make room for other ground cover plants. That is why combinations with other plants are also so important for the succession.

As an added bonus, some bulbs and tubers, such as the delicate cyclamen and the arum also have beautiful, decorative leaves!

assortment naturalising bulbs

Fairy-tale flower carpets of naturalising

Stinzen and management-friendly bulbs for woodland plants, gardens and country estates. These bulbs are very suitable for naturalising and require little maintenance. In addition, many varieties are suitable for shady spots.

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