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JUB Holland supplies hundreds of types of spring flowering bulbs for gardens and parks. We put the 25 very best here in the limelight: strong varieties, the most reliable to come back or to naturalise; varieties that give every garden a huge boost! All varieties are briefly described and we also provide tips for application, flowering time, soil type, sun/shade, garden space and combination options.

Every bulb has its own place

Flower bulbs come in all shapes and sizes: from very exuberant and brightly coloured to subtle white and porcelain blue. Many bulbs, such as alliums, camassias and tulips, fit well in a sunny flower border, where they bloom prior to the summer flowering perennials. Especially in prairie / ornamental grass borders, which have their peak in late summer, flower bulbs are a great addition. Many small bulbs are woodland plants that perform well in shady areas. The same small varieties often also fit in a sunny border: precisely because they flower so early, they make the border fascinating year-round. Once they have finished flowering, they quickly disappear under the ground to appear more numerous the following year. There is a suitable flower bulb for every garden and every garden style! Whether it is a minimalist garden, a natural, modern or classic garden: bulbs go with every garden style, as long as you know how to apply and combine them: with other bulbs, but also with other plants!

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Top 25


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