the Vibrant Verge

combining colour & nature

Biodiversity in the urban environment

The 'Vibrant Verge' concept blooms from early spring to well into autumn! This concept ensures biodiversity in the urban environment.

Biodiversity is increasingly important in the urban environment and it is! There is also a lot of focus on ecological management and the development of herb-rich vegetation. To increase biodiversity as well as guarantee a long flowering period, the Vibrant Verge concept was developed in cooperation with partners.

Within this concept, the strengths of annual, biennial and perennial (indigenous) seed mixtures are combined with a tailor-made bulb mixture. This ensures vegetation with a long flowering time, increased biodiversity, extensive, ecological maintenance and the seasonal experience gets enhanced.

Long flowering period

By combining the flowering time of the herbs and bulbs, as long as eight months of bloom can be created. From early spring to early autumn, colour can be found in the verge. This also results in the Colourful Verge only needing to be mowed once a year which saves a lot of costs. In addition, there is almost year-round food supply and shelter for butterflies, bees and other insects.

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