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Bulb size 14/16
Height in cm 100
Flowering time August - September
Planting time March - May
Article number 3008285141

Product omschrijving

"Dark red Asian lily 'Landini' with its special color is a beautiful garden and cut flower. The height is about 100 cm. Lilies look great in groups between perennials and shrubs. After flowering, they can remain quietly in the ground and will return to full bloom year after year. The lilies are also very suitable for flower pots or planters. The planting depth of a lily is between 10 and 15 cm. Before planting the flower bulbs, ensure that the soil is airy and permeable to moisture. Plant lilies sheltered from the wind along a fence or between other plants and shrubs. The flowers like to be in the sun. The bulbs of lilies can be planted in the spring, around April-May, and in the autumn, October-November. In the event of frost, it is best to protect the bulbs and any shoots that have already emerged with some leaves or branches. It is recommended to transplant the lilies every 3 to 4 years. They then get new energy from the new soil and the lilies bloom beautifully and colorfully for years. Watch out for the orange lily bug: this is the lily's worst enemy! The best way to control the bugs is to remove them manually. There are several pesticides, but lily beetles quickly become immune to them."

  • Bloeimaanden: AUGUSTUS - SEPTEMBER
  • Hoogte: 100
  • Aantal bollen per m²: 9

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