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Royal Purveyor to the court of the Netherlands
Since our centenary in 2010 we are the proud holders of the Royal Warrant.

Certifications & quality marks

The environment has the highest priority for us. As member of MPS we grow our bulbs following the strict guidelines of this organisation.
We are a participant in Sustainable Suppliers of Horticultural Quality Products. In this way we contribute to a future-proof sector, in which high-quality products are grown and traded with respect for people, society and the environment. Independent inspections are carried out at points of sale and at the trade.
Planet proof
We are proud of our environmental certificate PlanetProof, which was established in collaboration with various environmental organisations. With this, JUB took a pioneering role within the sector. On the way to PlanetProof' is an independent sustainability label for dairy products, fruit and vegetables, eggs, flowers, plants, trees and flower bulbs. The certificate for the product is proof that it has been produced in a more sustainable way and is therefore better for nature, environment, climate and animals. The requirements for PlanetProof are sharpened every year and through proper monitoring we are working step by step to make the entire sector more sustainable.


We obtain our organic bulbs from reliable organic growers, who do everything possible to grow their bulbs organically and as sustainably as possible. 

These varieties also deliver a great contribution te the welfare of bees, butterflies and other insects (biodiversity)

With the MPS GTP certificate, we go further than just good traceability of flower bulbs. With this certificate, we demonstrate that we also comply with the quality, environmental and social aspects of our products and business operations. In addition, the certificate stimulates cooperation in the chain. This fits perfectly with our vision of being a reliable partner for our customers and employees and building long-term relationships with all parties we work with.
SUSTAINABLE SUPPLIERS & Floriculture sustainability initiative
We are a participant in Sustainable Suppliers of Horticultural Quality Products. This way, we contribute to a future-proof sector, in which high-quality products are grown and traded with respect for people, society and the environment. Independent checks take place at points of sale and at the trade.

Via Sustainable Suppliers we are participant in the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI), a market-driven initiative that brings together members of the international floriculture industry. In the run-up to 2025, FSI members will continue to build on the progress made on transparency, responsible production and trade, positive impact and improvement in the floriculture supply chain.

JUB Holland

With the VCA certificate, we show that our company works safely and healthily and that we comply with the legal obligations under the Working Conditions Act.


The Keukenhof has been blooming beautifully since 1949 and JUB Holland was there since the very beginning. We are a bit proud of that, because nowadays the Keukenhof attracts more than a million visitors from all corners of the world. Every year, our garden and landscape designer Carien van Boxtel creates a beautiful design to be planted.

As an NVTL partner, we are part of the network of within which transfer of ideas, exchange of knowledge and reflection on the discipline is made possible. Both nationally and internationally, we collaborate with other spatial design disciplines, education, government and numerous green initiatives. Increasing biodiversity in particular is an important pillar and one to which we as a company also want to contribute.
Stichting Steenbreek

Various studies show that the increase in paving has negative effects on the well-being of people, animals and nature. As a partner of Stichting Steenbreek, we want to stop the trend towards paving (in both public and private spaces) and make our living environment in the Netherlands as sustainably green as possible. In doing so, we do not only look at softening; that is not enough. Green has to become a matter of course again for everyone in the Netherlands, and that from resident to administrator we act accordingly. Stichting Steenbreek is a national knowledge and network organisation that supports sustainable greening of our living environment. Steenbreek works together with affiliated municipalities, provinces, water boards and housing corporations, among others. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a climate-proof and healthy living environment for both people and animals!

NL Greenlabel

NL Greenlabel's partner network is a growing movement of companies and professionals who are making the green industry, the infrastructure sector and the construction world more sustainable. Together, we are committed to a living environment that is green, healthy, biodiverse and climate-adaptive!

NBV - THE DUTCH beekeepers association

The NBV is a Dutch association of beekeepers. Its more than 8,500 members have a total of about 100,000 bee colonies under their care. Bee colonies are indispensable in our ecosystem. Bees pollinate flowers allowing nutrient-rich seeds and delicious fruits to grow. Bee colonies are vital for the creation of our food such as apples, strawberries and aubergines. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer different flowering plants to keep bee colonies healthy and vital year-round. We work with the NBV in putting together our mixture to make mixtures optimally attractive to bees and provide them with year-round food.

green cities europe

Urbanisation and climate change require new solutions for urban living conditions. Public green space has a positive effect on biodiversity, climate, well-being and air quality. This makes cities better places to live and work. The 'Green Cities for a Sustainable Europe' platform provides knowledge based on scientific research, innovative ideas and technical background, to promote greening of public spaces.

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