JUB at Keukenhof

Every year at Keukenhof, we get to deliver our own design alongside our flower bulbs. We are proud of that! Our designer, Carien van Boxtel, has been designing a unique combination of colours and varieties for our borders in the park every year since 2019. Each mixture has its own theme and explanation of the design. In the JUB Holland borders in Lisse, you can admire our latest long-flowering bulb mixture every spring. Lisse and Keukenhof are just around the corner from Noordwijkerhout, where our nursery and head office are located.

7 million spring blooms

Keukenhof offers flower bulb, flower and plant growers a beautiful showcase for their products. Every autumn, together with the other exhibitors, we supply 7 million flower bulbs that are planted by Keukenhof's 40 gardeners in the spacious 32-hectare park. Keukenhof is the international show garden of Dutch ornamental horticulture. Visitors from home and abroad come from March to May to enjoy those millions of spring blooms and gain inspiration for the coming season. After the season ends, the gardeners take the bulbs out of the ground. In autumn, the cycle of planting, flowering and digging up begins again.

keukenhof designs

by Carien van Boxtel

Learn more about the inspiration and designs created by  garden and landscape designer Carien van Boxtel for our Keukenhof stand every year since 2019.

Keukenhof-inspired mixtures

JUB's flower bulb mixtures bloom for a long time, from mid-March to mid-May. For two months, you will be pleasantly surprised by our unique combinations of colours and varieties. These special mixtures that we planted at Keukenhof since 2019 can also be ordered from us, ask your JUB specialist for the options.

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