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Perennials and exuberant blooming naturalizing bulbs united in this climate-adaptive Keukenhof border, a joint project of JUB Holland and Rijnbeek Perennials (Boskoop). This meadow-style border is designed by landscape & garden designer Carien van Boxtel and planted in close consultation with Keukenhof's in-house designer Frans Beijk and Keukenhof's dedicated team of gardeners.

Combinations of perennial plants with naturalizing bulbs

Designer Carien van Boxtel drew inspiration from nature itself for the design of this meadow-style border, where cheerful spring bulbs coexist in symbiosis with beautiful perennial plants in various habitats. It presents a more natural, or rather 'naturalistic,' image that belongs not only alongside the familiar colorful seasonal beds but also in a park where the flower bulb naturally takes center stage. And not just this season, as the border will remain preserved in the park and continue to bloom and grow in the coming years. It's a beautiful green world to immerse yourself in and, of course, to draw inspiration from for your own garden or project.

Get inspired by the Bulb Mania Mix

Can you spot the bold collection of early flowering perennials and lush naturalising bulbs?

Applied flowerbulb species

The mix of flower bulbs includes a careful selection such as wild tulips (Tulipa turkestanica and the native Tulipa sylvestris), Crocus Grand Maitre, Crocus 'Blue Pearl' (a type of small crocus), mauve-colored Muscari 'Grape Ice', and pale blue 'Baby's Breath' (grape hyacinths), Narcissus 'Prinses Amalia', Narcissus 'Polar Ice' (daffodils), Fritillaria persica 'Green Eyes', Fritillaria acmopetala, and the early-blooming Camassia leichtlinii 'Maybelle' (prairie lily). These plants will naturally spread each year through seeds, offsets, or underground roots among the perennial plants. After spring, the perennial plants can fill the space left by the bulbs (as bulbs completely disappear underground during their resting period). This helps the 'Perennial Meadow' garden remain colorful after spring while keeping the soil intact, which is good for the park's biodiversity. It's a win-win situation!

Our Bulb Mania Mix broder could not have been realised without the expertise of Rijnbeek Perennials. Rijnbeek brings landscape design to garden lovers with 100% peat-free and low-maintenance plants, while increasing green space and biodiversity, restoring nature’s balance one garden at a time. Bulb Mania is one of several well-thought-out mix concepts of the Climate Gardeners™ programme. Climate Gardeners™ by Rijnbeek Perennials offers climate adaptive solutions with inspirational, exclusive perennial mixes for innovative garden centres.

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Unique cooperation of Keukenhof, Rijnbeek Perennials and JUB Holland.

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