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As a manager or owner of parks, estates, country houses, nature reserves, and recreational areas, JUB Holland offers a wide assortment of flower bulbs, especially naturalizing bulbs, which are increasingly popular due to their ease of mechanical planting. These bulbs contribute to biodiversity and provide a colorful and lively start to spring.

Annual flower bulbs like long-stemmed tulips and dahlias are particularly suitable for seasonal planting in various settings, from estates and terraces to public parks. They bring color and life to any space and can even create striking accents in existing plantings, such as perennial borders. With their long blooming period and diverse colors, they ensure an unforgettable spectacle every year.

JUB Holland
JUB Holland

Perfectly Arranged

The 'pop-up' experience of blooming flower bulbs is highly appreciated by the public and contributes to social cohesion and general well-being. By strategically applying many naturalizing bulbs, you can transform your outdoor spaces with long-lasting natural beauty. This investment, as evidenced by the old tradition of naturalizing bulbs around castles and country houses, results in beautiful flower carpets that develop over the years.

At JUB Holland, we are happy to share our expertise on the best combinations and applications of flower bulbs with perennials, such as long-stemmed tulips and dahlias. This allows you to enjoy a colorful environment all year round. Our high-quality products enrich your green projects with biodiversity and aesthetics, suitable for seasonal planting in various environments like gardens, terraces, and public parks.

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